I know of a good resource that isn’t in the Portal. How can I get you to link to it?…

We are endeavoring to create the most comprehensive collection of resources to assist with incorporating inclusive practices in the public procurement of ICT. With the rapid pace of development on this topic, it is easy for us to miss something that we should be linking to. We welcome your support in keeping this resource up-to-date. Here are steps to let us know about new developments:

1. Is the item a news article discussing existing or proposed initiatives in this area? We are always looking for content to add to our News and Views area. If you have a link to a news item that we have yet to cover, please Contact Us.

2. Is the resource already in our Portal, perhaps under a different name? Please search the portal and/or browse the Resources subsections of the site.

3. Is the resource recent or new? If we don't currently link to it, we would love to hear about it. Please contact us. (Note: if the resource is dated before 2007 then, regrettably, the information is likely to be very out of date, and has most likely been superseded by newer publications and resources.)