Roundtable on ​Including Procurement in Public Administration

Date: February 15, 2021

Location: Online, Austria


Leaders from the administration, business and politics met virtually to discuss accessibility in the procurement of the public sector. Some questions that were addressed during the course of discussions included: Why is it so important that goods and services that are purchased by the public sector meet the criteria of accessibility? Is that the game-changer to make the world as a whole more inclusive and accessible? 


  • Klaus Höckner, CEO - Aid Community, Moderator
  • Herbert Pichler, President Austrian Disability Council
  • Andreas Reinalter, Head of Dept. Consumer protection
  • Wolfgang Ebner, Deputy Head of Digitization Section BM for Digitization and Business
  • Heike Grebien, Greens - Disability spokesperson
  • Kira Grünberg, ÖVP - Disability spokesperson
  • Fiona Fiedler, NEOS - Disability spokesperson 
  • Verena Nussbaum, SPÖ - Disability spokesperson 
  • Gerhard Zotter, Head of BBG

Roundtable resources: