Date: 2013

Language: English

Publisher: GSA Information Consultants and University of Wollongong

Pages: 14


This research paper on accessible procurement outlines some of the economic benefits of investing in accessibility through procurement processes. The authors explore some of the history of accessible public procurement in Australia and other countries, and explain some of the market incentives linked to accessible technology procurement. This paper gives a brief analysis of the situation in different country contexts, and provides links to a much longer, more in-depth research report
The other resources in this section of the G3ict Accessible Procurement Portal were preceded by research into the practices and related needs of inclusive public procurement throughout the World. In the 1990s and 2000s, Information and Communications Technology (ICT) work had primarily focused on the design of interfaces for use by people with disabilities. Starting around the mid-2000s, more and more focus was placed on the activities that support and drive the need for accessible technologies in companies, government entities, and other organizations. For those who are interested in the work that helped form the foundations of the model ICT policy, we have included this resource as additional background information.

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