Date: January 2017

Language: English

Publisher: NFB

Pages: 10


A common job term heard in the accessibility field is that of ‘accessibility evangelist’. This is usually a person (and sometimes a small group) that has a passionate belief in the need for addressing accessibility, and the desire to implement changes to make it part of everyday practice. The problem is that evangelism works on faith, whereas change usually works on executive assigned responsibility and accountability. This guide was written for people at the managerial (/evangelist) level who need to make a well-considered pitch to executives in order to develop and implement a successful accessibility program.
The guide is part of the ‘Accessibility Switchboard’ resource website developed by the US National Federation of the Blind (NFB).
This short guide covers ‘selling’ the ideas to colleagues and then step-by-step methods to deliver three pitches to executives: (1) Strategy; (2) Maturity measures, and tactical options; and (3) Cost and time estimate planning. Also provided is brief guidance and links to further resources on overcoming resistance to change.

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