Photo of James Thurston

James Thurston |  

31 May 2018

Vice President for Global Strategy and Development, G3ict

An indoor photo of Nicole Bradick  wearing glasses

Nicole Bradick |  

31 May 2018

Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Theory and Principle

Like many other areas of society, courts and justice systems are increasingly turning to technology for cost savings and to be more efficient. These digital transformations are directly related to inclusion and access to justice for persons with disabilities. Recently, James Thurston, G3ict's Vice P... Read More

Photo of Jeff Kline

Jeff Kline |  

18 October 2017

Program Director, Statewide EIR Accessibility, Texas Department of Information Resources

The procurement dependency To state the obvious, nearly every organization, public and private, is entrenched in the use of ICT in many aspects of their business activities. With few exceptions, organizations have neither the resources nor the impetus to create the ICT they use in the course of ope... Read More

Photo of Susanna Laurin

Susanna Laurin |  

04 October 2017

CEO, Funka

Standardisation is said to be ”a sure way to lose friends and put family asleep”. Sometimes it can seem like a thankless task, but when being involved in the development of the EN-standard on accessible ICT, I think most of us felt we were really making a difference. It took many years and the road ... Read More

Photo of James Thurston

James Thurston |  

20 September 2017

Vice President for Global Strategy and Development, G3ict

According to Brazil’s 2010 census, there are 45 million persons with disabilities in the country, or 23.9% of population. This week the government of Brazil is taking some unique steps to raise awareness about the accessibility of technology and the digital inclusion of all its citizens, including t... Read More

Photo of Graeme K Whippy

Graeme K Whippy |  

06 September 2017

Disability consultant

Back in the mid 00s one of the UK’s largest financial services organizations bought a new “Voice Over IP” phone system for its 80,000 staff without having a clue whether it would work for colleagues who were hard of hearing, visually impaired or had other disabilities. The story had a happy ending... Read More

Photo of James Thurston

James Thurston |  

23 August 2017

Vice President for Global Strategy and Development, G3ict

To really expand the digital inclusion of the more than 1 billion persons with disabilities worldwide, we need more customers, especially governments, to require accessibility in the information and communications technology (ICT) they buy. Harry Gordon Selfridge, the founder of Selfridge’s departme... Read More

Photo of Chris M. Law

Chris M. Law |  

09 August 2017

President and owner of Accessibility Track Consulting, LLC

It used to be common to see ICT accessibility requirements in procurement contracts expressed as a simple one liner: “The new website will conform to the Standard ‘Accessibility requirements suitable for public procurement of ICT products and services in Europe (EN 301 549)’”. The practical follo... Read More

Photo of James Thurston

James Thurston |  

26 July 2017

Vice President for Global Strategy and Development, G3ict

Awareness is one of the biggest challenges to creating an organizational commitment to accessible technology and the digital inclusion of persons with disabilities. I have been working in this field for several years now and have observed in both formal surveys and informal discussions that awarene... Read More

Photo of Lourdes Arreola Prado

Lourdes Arreola Prado |  

10 July 2017

Inclusion and ICT accessibility consultant

Traveling is a human right. Everyone has the right to travel and enjoy the marvels of our world. The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) believes that making tourism easier to the more than 1 billion people with disabilities is not only a matter of rights, but also a financial opportunity. Driving an... Read More

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Photo of James Thurston

James Thurston |  

26 June 2017

Vice President for Global Strategy and Development, G3ict

Today G3ict is launching a new online resource, the Buy ICT for All web portal, to support global efforts to make the world digitally inclusive for persons with disabilities. Government spending is a substantial part of the global economy and it also accounts for a significant portion of the globa... Read More

Photo of Dave Capozzi

Dave Capozzi |  

22 June 2017

Executive Director of the U.S. Access Board

The U.S. Access Board congratulates G3ict- the Global Initiative for Inclusive ICTs on the launch of the new Buy ICT for All web portal ( addressing the public procurement of accessible information and communication technology (ICT).  We believe that this portal will become an imp... Read More

Photo of Susan Mazrui

Susan Mazrui |  

19 June 2017

Director of Public Policy, AT&T Services Inc.

To buy or not to buy is not the question. All companies need to update to stay competitive. Cost is a factor. So, how does accessibility fit into a company or organization’s long term plans? Is usability just a catch phrase? How can incorporating both improve your bottom line? In the United States,... Read More