How the Buy ICT 4 All portal and resources are organized

The Global Charter

G3ict has created a Global Charter “Promoting Global Digital Inclusion through ICT Procurement Policies & Accessibility Standards”. Consider promoting your organization’s commitment to meeting the goals of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (“CRPD”) by becoming a signatory to the voluntary charter.

Suggested pathways

Based on the needs of different kinds of users, we provide recommended readings and toolkit links from the Portal’s resource section.


The Buy ICT 4 All Portal provides quick access to—and introductory descriptions for—the most relevant and useful resources in the public procurement of accessible Information and Communication Technology (ICT). Included in the Portal are national and international resources from subject matter experts in governments, companies and organizations.

The Portal’s Resource Center is divided into subsections:

Public Procurement Policy Guidance

“It all starts with policy” is a phrase that’s often stated. Does your current ICT public procurement policy need attention in the area of accessibility for people with disabilities? Continue reading Public Procurement Policy Guidance…

ICT Accessibility Standards & Guidance

Since 2001 there have been ICT standards to reference in public procurement activities. Continue reading ICT Accessibility Standards & Guidance…

Case Studies & Good Practices

It is useful to learn from those who have already experienced successes (and failures) in their endeavors to implement accessibility in ICT public procurement programs. Continue reading Case Studies & Good Practices…

Communications Guidance

Getting to know the technical requirements relating to ICT and public procurement activities is a typical first step. Inevitably there is a next step that is necessary to bring about actual change, and that is convincing others in the organization that this is an idea worth pursuing. Continue reading Communications Guidance…

Other Resources

In this subsection, we provide links to resources that are either (a) do not naturally fit into any of the other resource sub-categories; or (b) are currently under development and are not yet ready for general release. Continue reading Other Resources…


Browse our archive of previous broadcasts, available to view on demand via G3ict's YouTube ChannelContinue reading Webinars...

News, and more

Be sure to keep up with the latest news and views on the topic of public procurement and ICT accessibility by reading our blog and links to news from around the web.

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